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Being the blog of Charles Stross, author, and occasional guests ...

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  • Charlie's Diary

    Right now, I'm chewing over the final edits on a rather political book. And I think, as it's a near future setting, I should jot down some axioms about politics ... We're living in an era of increasing automation. And...

  • Charlie's Diary

    I’m back home and mostly recovered from the jet lag, and according to the doctors I shouldn’t loose too many fingers from frostbite. (I exaggerate, but only a little: as I just spent three weeks in New England—specifically in New...

  • Charlie's Diary

    WARNING DANGER THIS COLUMN CONTAINS PATHOS, ANTHROPOMORPHIZATION, AND RAMPANT SENTIMENTALISM. If that bothers you, turn back now. I feel a great pathos for robots. Not just any robots, mind. But explorer robots. Brave little space robots. Voyager and Venera and...